Pre Owned Golf Irons – Things To Consider

Are you looking for a quality set of pre owned golf irons? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It will be important for you to do a little research on the clubs you are looking at buying as well as inspecting them well. The picture to the right displays a quality set of Ping irons that are for sell at a respectable price.

You will specifically want to inspect the club heads, inspect the shafts, and inspect the grips. By the way, those are the main parts to the golf iron in case you are wondering, lol. A couple additional suggestions I would like to make would be to test drive the irons when possible and compare the prices and conditions of the clubs available. By doing do these things you should have a successful journey in replacing the irons in your golf bag.

Inspect The Club Heads

There are a few things that you will want to examine when you are inspecting the club heads. To start with, I would recommend examining the clubs overall appearance. Does it look worn out or does it look to be in great condition? These are questions you will want to ask yourself. Using covers for your drivers is a great way to keep them safe. Covers are inexpensive an do a great job protecting your drivers. You can pick up a set here.

Next, I would take a close look at the club head. Specifically you will want to examine the grooves to see if there is little wear or a lot of wear. If there is little wear the grooves will be deeper and the club face will be mostly one color. If there is a lot of wear the grooves will be very shallow and there will likely be a discolored or worn spot in the middle of the club from excessive ball striking. Pick up a set of iron covers here.

You should also look for deep scratches or dents in the club heads. These can also be signs of excessive use, and in some situations can also change the performance of the irons. It is generally easy to tell at first glance if the irons have been well-kept or not. Speaking of protecting your clubs, I know many players that use golf travel covers. Golf travel covers offer much protection to your clubs- Click here for my recommended choice!

Inspect The Shafts And Grips

When it comes to inspecting the shafts you should first check to see if they are straight. This can easily be done by holding them up to your eye and looking down the shaft. When doing this, this you will want to see that the shafts are straight.

Next, you should examine each shaft closely looking for excessive signs of wear, cracks, or stretch marks where it has been bent and then bent back. With most shafts it will be easy to tell if they have been bent and then bent again.

I would also recommend that you check the flexibility of the shafts, keeping in mind that some are supposed to be more flexible than others. By this, I simply mean that firm shafts should have less flex to them than shafts that are more flexible by design.

When checking the grips, you first want to make note of there overall appearance. Check to see if they have excessive wear and tear, are cracked, pieces missing, or if they are loose. Its generally pretty easy to tell if the grips are in good or poor condition.

As a side note – if you come across a really good buy with irons that have good heads and shafts but poor grips, grips can be easily replaced.

Test Drive The Clubs When Possible

It may not always be possible to test drive your pre owned golf irons before purchasing them. When this is the case, I would strongly encourage you to do your research before buying. Ask yourself the following questions to help with your decision:

Are the irons coming from a trusted person/source?

Have you visually inspected the irons to make sure you are aware of there condition?

By doing are buying online have you seen close up pictures that allows you to feel confident of there condition?

Answering these questions can help you make a more informed decision before purchasing. When you are able to do so, you should definitely take the time to test drive the irons before you buy them. You will want to pay attention to how the club feels as you swing it.

Is it the right weight and length for you?

Is it the correct handed club for you?

How does the club feel through impact?

How does the ball flight look after impact?

How does the club sound at impact?

These are all valuable questions you can ask yourself when test-driving the irons that can also assist you in making a better decision.

Compare Various Prices And Conditions

When narrowing down your selection you will want to pay attention to the different prices and conditions that are available to you. You certainly would not want to give more for a set of clubs in poor condition than a set of clubs in good condition in most situations. An exception may be if the clubs in slightly less condition were a lower grade club and there was little difference in the price.

The point here is simple though folks – be on the look out for a good deal! It has always been my experience that good deals can be found if you are willing to look for them.

You should also be aware that there are different grades of golf clubs available. For example, I would place most name brand clubs over most non name brand clubs. That may be an inaccurate assessment on my part, but my personal experiences would tend to support that claim.

Over the years I have found many good deals when it came to pre owned golf irons, and I have even capitalized on a few of them. With a little patience and research I am confident that you can also find your good deal!

Let Your Iron Replacing Journey Begin

By doing keep the things in mind that we have talked about here, you will likely find your journey to replace your golf irons a good one. Just remember to inspect the club heads, the shafts, and the grips to ensure they are in good condition.

Also remember to do your research, compare prices and conditions, and test drive the irons when possible. Looking for a good deal on a preowned set of golf irons can be fun and rewarding if done right. Good luck on your journey!





6 thoughts on “Pre Owned Golf Irons – Things To Consider

  1. Erick Aviles

    Really helpful guide to get the best experience out of golf. It would suck if your game doesn’t go your way because the iron grips you choose have some defect on it especially if you buy it used. Nice observation and pointing this out.

    1. Frank

      I am glad you found this useful. And yes, it stinks when the grips become damaged or loose for sure.

  2. Laura

    Thanks for your post — very informative. I appreciate knowing what to look for, and you make a good point that accurate photos of the used clubs are a good place to start.

    With that in mind, I am wondering if you could refer me to some good sources for used golf clubs that are reputable. Is there a website that is dedicated to matching buyers and sellers or should I start with Craigslist? Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

    1. Frank Post author

      Thank you for your feedback Laura. My next post will actually be in regards to Ebay golf irons, which I hope you find helpful as well. Ebay can be a great place to search for used golf clubs. Other places you could consider would be craigslist, pro golf shops, local club houses, and other classified sites online. Best of luck on your golf game!

  3. Easy-moneys

    My husband loves to go to garage sales every Saturday and he comes home with high quality, rarely used sets of golf clubs and resells them for great profits.

    I will definitely be directing him to your website as I think it is chock-block-full of extremely useful details on how to purchase used golf club sets.

    I have bookmarked your website for future perusal!

    Thank you!

    1. Frank Chapman Post author

      Thank you for bookmarking my site. I have also had success finding very good deals at rummage/garage sells. I have also came across a few sets at auctions from time to time. Its pretty amazing what you can come across sometimes.


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